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The land of Eden includes four realms that are home to the Aurora, Steel, Shadow and Beast factions. Each has its own seat of power. Aurora City stands between the seacoast and a fertile plain. Due to its location, it’s plagued by pirates, so the king has decided to engage valiant chevaliers to drive them out. Iron Castle rises above a barren desert. Resources extracted from mines in the nearby mountains fuel its economy and its centuries-long war against a hated rival. The inhabitants of Dark City are highly proficient excavators, their expertise honed over generations of digging out large caverns. Right now, they’re concerned about a mysterious hole. Its origin is unknown, as is the depth to which it extends. The residents of Breeze Jungle love their home and wish to protect it from being ravaged by powerful giants.

Angels Online is a massively multiplayer offering that went live in North America last November. Developed by UserJoy, it’s offered here by publisher IGG as free to download and play with optional item sales. The underlying concept revisits the classic confrontation between the servants of heaven and hell, with much of the action taking place within the domains of the above-named societies. You can choose assorted classes; an incomplete list includes the Necromancer, Summoner, Magician, Swordman, Protector, Warrior, Archer, Weapon Craftsman, Tailor, Chef and Technician. Another interesting feature is the pet system, which also offers a variety of options, some of which are cute robots. Quite recently, we had to opportunity to learn more about the anime-influenced game, which had initially come to our attention some months ago, by questioning Project Assistant Joyce Zhou and Developer Project Assistant Daniel Wang.

Jonric: As we explore the world of Angels Online, can we expect to see and interact with many friendly and neutral NPCs?

Joyce Zhou: Yes. Angels Online is a cute game that may well attract players who are younger. From the very beginning, they will encounter different NPCs related to the available careers. As a newbie in the magical world of this game, players can graduate from the Angel Lyceum with direction of these NPCs, and then choose the land with which they wish to be affiliated. And even within the four factions, players can accept quests from NPCs from different areas.

Main quests relate directly to the storyline, and help lead it along in the right direction. Every class can take part in them… but must bear in mind that they can only be attempted once.

Jonric: Can players expect a broad range of weapons, armor and items in general? Does the game include any ways to upgrade equipment?

Joyce Zhou: Yes, we offer lots of weapons, armor and items for players of different levels. They can challenge more powerful bosses in a team according to the level needed to obtain superior equipment. We have a gem system and another means of enhancement, the Pestle. Players can set diamonds, which have special abilities, into their equipment and armor. There are 30 kinds that which can be obtained by killing monsters, with each color related to a different ability. However, little angels will be unable to set the diamonds until they first obtain the Piercing Hammer to make holes in their equipment. Players can buy one from the Healer. But it can be hazardous to make a hole in equipment, as the item may be destroyed.

Aside from the gem system, another item, the pestle, can directly enhance the ability of equipment. Players may obtain one by killing monsters, and then use it to improve the characteristics of equipment, armor or shields. There is only one kind of pestle, and it can be used unlimited times. Players can upgrade their equipment with 100-percent success the first three times, but from then on, it may be destroyed or just simply disappear.

Jonric: Would you comment on how the items that are for sale differ from the ones available through play?

Joyce Zhou: The exclusive item mall in Angels Online has some things that may prove extremely beneficial to the player, such as red and blue potions and double experience cards. Other articles may help them to raise their levels or increase the speed of their pets’ attacks. However, such items, while useful, are by no means essential, so players who don’t wish to spend any money aren’t required to.

Jonric: What type of magic system does the game incorporate? Are there different classes or schools players can choose?

Joyce Zhou: The magic system includes four classes: Priest, Summoner, Necromancer and Magician. Players can collect coins by killing monsters, and can buy magic system scrolls from the Scroll Sellers, which can be located quickly on the map by using the [Alt] and [M] keys. After getting a scroll, the player just needs to right-click on it to help upgrade his or her level.

Jonric: When a character dies, what penalties apply, and des it matter whether you’re killed by an NPC or in PvP?

Joyce Zhou: When characters die, they can revive at their faction’s totem on the map, or can go back to a respawn point. Death causes the loss of experience and item durability, but the items themselves aren’t lost. Both these penalties happen whether you die by PvP or are killed by an NPC.

Jonric: How important are quests in Angels Online? Are there different types? Are many of them repeatable?

Daniel Wang: Angels Online has a very important quest system with two parts, main and branch. Main quests relate directly to the storyline, and help lead it along in the right direction. Every class can take part in them; all they have to do is to talk to an appropriate NPC to receive one. By completing these tasks, a player can gain experience and honor points, but must bear in mind that they can only be attempted once.

Branch quests deviate from the story somewhat and can be done over and over, thus giving players more chances to increase their experience and honor points. This makes them the best choice for small boosts to characters’ points.

Jonric: What about short-term grouping? How does it function? Are there any situations where it’s necessary?

Joyce Zhou: There are two main ways of teaming up, alone or share. Should a player choose the first option, then after the group defeats a monster, the experience points are given to one character only, who can then divvy out the booty himself. On the other hand, the second alternative means the points given for a victory are automatically and fairly shared out among all the team members.

When facing a strong boss, it really is wiser to team up to take it on.

The creative storylines coupled with our unique class, skill and robot systems are real winners. And don’t forget the adorable, colorful pets and challenging quests.

Jonric: What kind of support are you providing for the player community, both within the game and outside of it?

Joyce Zhou: The community system in Angels Online is of utmost importance. Especially in the upcoming otem Battles, which will forge strong bonds between players from the same factions as they are forced to rely upon each other and work together to achieve a common goal. Once a guild has battled and won the faction totem, the surrounding area will fall under its control. And the added bonus is that all of the resources there will also become theirs, for example, the contents of any and all mines in the territory. The guild also reserves the right to trade with special sellers, receive elite quests and challenge exclusive bosses.

Also, to further enhance the spirit of comradeship, we have a system not unlike MSN within the game for the players to chat freely with each other at no extra cost.

Jonric: Since we expect massively multiplayer games to evolve over time, what can we anticipate in this regard?

Daniel Wang: Angels Online was developed in 2004 and operated successfully in Taiwan before it was released in Japan, Indonesia and the Chinese mainland. During this time, we also launched several new versions, for example, the Sea Legend version. Since open beta testing in North America, we plan to launch the PvP system in the near future with a preview of the totem battles.

In this, which will be a kind of warm-up for the actual totem battles, the players can, in certain areas, freely attack those from different factions. Characters from the Production class can obtain special materials in these PvP areas. And the totem battles will be highly beneficial for those lucky angels that win, for they will not only control the totem and the territory that it stands on, but also all of the resources therein.

Jonric: In the North American online world market, what kinds of users do you feel your game is most likely to attract?

Joyce Zhou: Of course, like we said before, Angels Online is probably going to appeal to the younger and female markets due to its cute style but older and male players can find a lot to attract them as well. This game works on many levels. For instance, if you want to fight, there are lots of challenges like this for you. If you don’t like combat but prefer challenging quests then we have loads of them just waiting for you.

If you just want to play every now and then, that’s okay, as Angels Online has a huge emphasis on making friends and having fun. Or if you do want to get totally engrossed, then there is enough to do to keep you busy. If you just want to play solo than that’s also cool, it is not essential for you to team up. When it comes to defeating a strong boss, you can just use advanced commands in skills and senior items to do so. Like we said, it has everything to appeal to every kind of player.

Jonric: Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to leave with our readers to conclude this introductory interview on Angels Online?

Joyce Zhou: Angels Online is a fantastic, eye-catching game that is at the forefront of its genre. It really does have elements for everyone, but as stated before, its particular niche would be the younger and female markets.

But the most important thing I can say about this game is that you really need to have a go for yourself. The creative storylines coupled with our unique class, skill and robot systems are real winners. And don’t forget the adorable, colorful pets and challenging quests. So, come and get your wings at the Angel Academy and become one of our little angels too!

Since North American publisher IGG offers the Angels Online client as a free download and uses the optional item sales business model, UserJoy’s game seems to have little in the way of major barriers to entry. Readers who feel inclined to give it a try are sure to be welcome to visit the title’s official website, while those who may want additional information can join us in watching its progress, and also in thanking Joyce Zhou and Daniel Wang for all they’ve told us.